Become an Affiliate: WIN#1 – WIN#2 – WIN#3

Will you help me share the message?

Thanks for becoming an affiliate. I love mutually beneficial relationships, this way everyone’s value is appreciated, acknowledged, and rewarded to create a win-win-win!

WIN # 1
By helping spread the word about the programs that I offer, you are supporting a higher quality of life for other people, a life they will love adds to your quality of life, and the world becomes a better place to live in because of those efforts. They will remember you for this!

WIN # 2
Your bank account will grow indirectly from a very positive deed! How cool it is that, by doing this, you can earn some money as well? Every referral that signs up for the H.I.M. course is worth $100. Help 10 people and $1000 comes on in.

WIN # 3
My mission is to eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering due to ignorance. If people do not know what I offer, that ignorance continues. Things will stay this way or become worse.

The people who benefit most from my work want to change their life, are willing to let go or give up the out dated models of life, and refuse to hide their true self any longer. They feel a bigger purpose within and are sick of being told this is as good as it will get. Let’s help them!

Does that sound like anyone you know? Cool! So let’s get started.

Once the word spreads people will be diving in to discover how to more fully own their brilliance, empower themselves, and their friends and family. The processes taught are sustainable and maintainable. The internet makes this teachable from coast to coast and worldwide. Most people decide to immediately sign up and start getting the word out now.

First – you’ll want to fill out the form below:

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Next, look in your email box for follow up information to pass on and get the Facebook and Twitter feeds going out there, emails you can send, banner’s and newsletter blurbs. The amount of pay-out, depends on the particular program or product you are referring. The H.I.M Course is a guaranteed $100 per person. You will receive your money in 30 days of the program start date via Pay Pal or we can cut you a check.

If you want to direct people to the home page, you can do that too. If your visitor purchases in the first 30 days, then you will be sent the appropriate fee for the first service/product purchased it is that simple.

And don’t forget that we can customize a speech or program for your group. If that’s more what would serve you, send an email to and we can set something up.

Thanks again, and know that we are making a difference in the lives of those courageous people who are brave enough to stand into their own light and shine forever self-actualized.

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