Human Instruction Manual

Part 1: The 5 Laws: The Answers You Seek Are Here ! (Volume 1)

The book gives clarity to your confusion, provides you with a new concept of self-esteem and confidence, and removes the veil of the shadow that keeps humans from becoming their optimal self. Part 1 also explains why life is half backwards too! The overall structure of the book bridges the gap between the tangible science humans think they know and the intangible realities they ignore, fear, and deny as real. The book gives you the conversation you always wanted but never knew you needed. If you only own one book this is certainly the one to have, and if you only have room for one more book – make room for this one. Consider the book the base foundation material that the personal development industry must have to completely transform the “Juice Factory” method into a self-sustainable and self-maintainable process that lasts and never fails. YES – Never Fails! • “JUICE FACTORY” – the high energy hype that humans go along to get along but provides no long lasting results, so we have to come back for more to get “JUICED” up with energy again. Avoid these entertaining salesmen who only want your repeat business!

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