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Geton2IT and The Human Instruction Manual

don-williams-episode-6-thumbnail-BSK+radio+itunes2Episode #6 - How To Reject Self-imposed Limitations And Live A Life That Reflects Who You Really Are With Donald Williams

Peter Julian's guest today is personal transformation expert Donald Williams who will share critical information with you about how to become "unrejectable" by shifting your thinking from outside-in to inside out.

Hawaii’s archeryforall.com founder Phil Doerr

"The Human Instruction Manual was written and finished on January 4th, 2016. The interviewer was under the impression that the book was already at the publishers. The book is currently in the process of being funded and will be published as soon as possible."

Writers and Authors Interview

Interview with Donald Williams Author of Personal Management with Purpose & Wisdom and coming soon Human Instruction Manual  Click to read the interview

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