These courses blew me away. It was more than I ever expected and brought clarity about why life seems so upside down. I was stunned how much I allowed myself to be influenced by others. – Greg.

Mentorship Opportunities

ONE-ON-ONE Personal Mentoring

Mentorship still exists and it is the best way to lean and improve yourself by directly spending time with someone who has been there, have the evidence, and know what works and does not work. Each secession time block is recorded for your own private use and playback. Mentoring applies the information to real life situations and aids each participant to move forward on their path to success.

Choose one of these time blocks:
Half Hour Time Slot (25+ Minutes) - Sale Price $125
One Hour Time Slot (55+ Minutes) - Sale Price $197

Combination and long term:
One Hour (55+ Minutes) + 2 (25+ Minutes) - Sale Price $395
Three Months with 2 (55+ Minutes) secessions per month - Sale Price $296 per month


Mentor Leadership Team: Monthly 1 Hour Training's

This is your unique opportunity to join the team and be part of the few that are serious about becoming the best they can become. Learn what it takes to live day by day by being the example to others while you are increasing your potential monthly with other like-minded individuals. The Mentor Team is your Master-Mind!

A one-time fee gets you in, no renewals - pay once and you are in.

VALUE $2364 Yearly
Retail Price $1745
Sale Price $998


“The Basics is a treasure trove of concepts that free up your mind and emotions to new possibilities. If you are stuck in life these concepts will open doors you closed or did not know even existed.”


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