“I spent years in therapy trying to discover the root of my challenges, with no success. With this course, you brought so much clarity to my life. You know your stuff! Why don’t they teach this in school?”


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Want to become more? Donald aids you in becoming the best version of yourself possible

For media inquiries, contact  don@geton2it.com or call (216) 496 – 9494

For further information on news and feature articles, or for inquiries regarding speaking engagements.

Our Online Press Kit contains all the information you may require… and even more!

“The better you understand your self; be it who you are and how you are… the greater the number of doors of success will be unlocked by you for you”

Donald makes results happen

You are here reading this because inside you are searching for answers and someone to provide them! Someone so distinctive and so uniquely capable of aiding people in reaching there maximum potential by showing them the person they are seeking to become is waiting inside.

Someone who will aid each and every one of them in a much needed transformation….

Self Actualization!

The search is now over

For over 25 years, Donald A Williams has perfected the processes required to transform lives. He gets that light inside you to shine once again; it will propel you into the life you have been seeking.

Transform your life by become Self Actualized!

Learn what you did not know before so you know what you need to do next. The trouble has always come from not knowing what you do not know. Donald teaches very straight forward and simple explanations that make applying the knowledge to your life very easy.

People do as they are taught

People trust what they were taught

And when it becomes real… they realize it is all

Backwards and confusing so they end up quitting!

(This applies to health, wealth, and relationships!)

Now it the time to:

Learn the facts

Use the facts

Commit to complete follow through with facts

(Most people do not know the facts, only opinions)

That is where Donald comes into the picture…

And brings it all into focus for you

Donald teaches people factual knowledge

This aids people to becoming CONSISTENT in thought and action.

This creates POSITIVE experiences

This makes PROGRESS leading to RESULTS


This CONFIDENCE sky rockets


This new experience feels amazing

People become, BECOME MORE everyday

People become EXCITED to create

This creates PASSION with CONFIDENCE


A professional and personal LIFE ACTUALIZED

Not knowing any better is no excuse

Ever wonder of the things you do not know

How thoughts and actions must be applied?

Because if you look around you, you will see that a lot is backwards and it causes great resistance to you; maybe people around you right now see it and feel it also. No wonder settling on, planning and achieving goals is so difficult.

If people try to fight the resistance they use massive energy and most of them become burned out.

If you knew the exact why and what that creates the resistance, imagine how much easier it would be instead. Most challenges arise due to lack of factual knowledge not out of a lack of massive action.

 What Donald teaches universally works…….

His presentation method and ability to break things down into easily understood universal principals, core concepts, and natural laws make things work smoothly. This gets you moving into the correct direction with much lower resistance and much more successes!

Universal principals, core concepts, and natural laws that work

They are always working and are at work now

Even as you read this….

Understand how you relate to them, who you are and how you work

And then you can work with them instead of against them…. Is this a novel concept?

It works in the happiest of homes

It creates the most fulfilling relationships

It grows business into successes

It brings change to any organization or individual

Become one of the individuals that utilizes them right now in making it happen for them right now

YES! I am telling you that it does not wear off!

At this point now, you have been reading through this entire document and having a thought.

“This guy gets it and this sounds very good!”

Unfortunately, we have all been there before listening to someone give a presentation only to get all fired up and excited, correct?

When you eventually make it home and the hype feeling fades into the past….

Maybe you were lucky and able to make it home and used some of the information, made a few changes and created some progress….

That always feels good!

With Donald, you will have LASTING RESULTS:

Donald is very genuine and people just feel it. He is so dedicated to making sure that everyone becomes Self Actualized and is committed to going beyond any expectations. This is expressed as he speaks.

His enthusiasm alone latterly brings people to the edge of there seats curious to learn more.

Wait! There is more. Donald’s energetic, easy going openness and relatedness to the audience keeps people eager listeners. It is more than his direct and straight forward explanations; it is in the authority given to him by his own personal experiences. Your audience will be captivated and moved by what Donald teaches. His ability to make what seems to be apparently complicated into a set of easy to learn processes will amaze you. It is so easy to apply and incorporating it into your life, will be utterly astonished and see immediate results.

Donald’s background has exquisitely prepared him to be the man you require to bring excellence by self actualization to your audience.

His passion is to share everything he knows to anyone willing to let go and give up the life they do not want to become changed and self actualized. This transformation will help eliminate the needless pain and suffering people deal with every day because they just do not know of a better way.


What are Donald’s Fees?

Fees vary depending on the type of program

Please call (216) 496-9494 at get an accurate quote

Will Donald meet the needs of my audience?

You can more than believe it! Donald will customize his presentation to best meet the current challenges facing your business, organization, specialized group, or team. Because of this attention to detail no presentation is ever the same. It is suggested that for optimal results a conversation is best in advance. Managers and respective decision makers of your organization will want their input and Donald wants to hear it. This method ensures that the exact information that your audiences need to hear is communicated. Donald is your partner in getting you where you want to go.

Does Donald have material we can use in addition to his presentations? Donald has a series of courses that he offers packed full of incredibly powerful factual information. These are excellent to compliment his presentations. Please call us for more information.

How to book Donald?

Call now! Donald’s speaking schedule always fills up quickly, so take action and book your spot now.

Now that you want Donald, let us make that event happen, pick up the phone and dial (216)-496-9494

What subjects does Donald cover?

To be clear not all presentations are the same.

Every group is different and has specific requirements because of this each is unique.

Donald uses his experience and keenly applies his perception to create a client specific presentation tailored to fit your audience, your industry and your company.

“A Donald A Williams presentation, is like having the conversation with your self you always wanted, but you never knew you needed”

People love to listen and learn from Donald because of his uniquely personal and professional experience. The magic behind his abilities is shared with everyone and his audiences know it. Naturally people connect inside-out and this propels them into meaningful action.

Speaking Topics:

Self Actualization (personal)

Business Actualization (professional)

True Self Confidence

Communication (internal and external)

Leadership (respect by persuasion and influence)

Persuasion (internal and external)

Charisma (presence and use of energy)

Self Purpose

Corporate Purpose

Creating Strength out of Weaknesses

Time Effectiveness (the art of time gapping)

Nesting Goals

Service (professional and personal)

Wealth (value and application)

Relationships (all except romantic)

Romantic Relationships (Real Love)

Team Development (Inspiration and Motivation)

Health (all aspects of mental, emotional, physical)

Habit and Pattern Blowout

Cycle Based Thinking

Mentorship (creating and developing a system)

“I have studied self-development for years. Tony Robins has his ‘6 Needs’, but your ‘5 Needs’ make so much more sense. Your presentation is eye-opening, clear, and so easy to apply.”


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