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Targeting Responsibility: True Self-Empowerment

Life changing event that you will always remember and be very glad that you embarked on the journey.

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Week 0 – “First Things First”, before you start your new journey it is important to know where you are starting from now. That way you will appreciate how far you will be going!
Week 1 – “The Basics”, you are only what you know, not what you think you know. Learn to motivate yourself with a single question and much more.
Week 2 – “The Mind Set”, you are what you perceive you are, discover the real power of choice and all the new options
Week 3 – “The Driving Force”, discover the barriers of life that are in your way and the attitudes required to blow them away
Week 4 – “Rejection Proof”, learn how to become consistent in action and decisive, this will eliminate stress and anxiety
Week 5 – “Play to Win”, you are fully of limitless potential, learn to use the enormous energy stored within to aid you everyday
Week 6 – “I Can”, discover how to create massive results, change your actions so the pattern of habit become a thing of the past
Week 7 – “Escape the Escape”, learn to recognize and deprogram your escape program, develop courage to swift actions
Week 8 – “Me or We”, redefine the ways you experience everyday life by changing the lens you see life through, then life shifts
Week 9 – “The Flow”, become so in tune with yourself and your surroundings that you can go with the flow and stop fighting
Week 10 –“The Sale”, create an atmosphere about you so compelling that you feel unstoppable because you attract your desires
Week 11 –“The Attitude”, rediscover your values and what inspires you to act, you will naturally become the leader you are seeking
Week 12 – “The Observer Mode”, take what you have learned and utilize the combined knowledge to become aware in new ways


“Wow! There really is nothing like this out there. It is like having a conversation with yourself that you always needed but you never knew the questions to ask. I really understand myself now.”


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